Should I Invest In Tankless Water Heater For My Home?

Water Heater

If you want your hot water to just keep flowing and flowing, consider a tankless water heater.
In the long run you will save money with its use buy you may not realize this, due to initial costs being higher than the tank models. There are many reasons homeowners are making the switch to tankless. Some reasons are additional storage, lower energy bills and the endless hot water.

Tankless heaters that work on gassave a homeowner about $110 in energy costs annually, over traditional tank water heaters, according to the Department of Energy. That sounds like a lot of savings you could go spend, but you might want to wait. There is some not so good news about the tankless water heaters. The price of a tankless water heaters is about thrice more than the tank type water heaters.

You may need to hire an electrician to upgrade your electrical system if you have electric-only utilities. Not all homes are made to support the use of tankless water heaters. You want to go tankless so now your decision is to decide if you want an electric or natural gas model. If you do decide on a tankless model it will give you more space. The tankless models often offer a longer warranty as well. These water heaters will last longer and are environmentally friendly. They will not end up in the landfill as a rusty old tank.

A warranty for a traditional water heater is about six years but a tankless water heater warranty is usually about 15 years. Some people do not believe that tankless water heaters are economically sensible. The reasons are because of the cost, and they do waste a great deal of water. If the tankless water heater is in a low flow application, you could have cold water sandwiched between your hot water, this makes for uncomfortable use and your tankless water heater will require a service every year.

European and Asian countries have been using tankless water heaters for many more years than in the United States. These units in other countries require calibration due to their very sophisticated burners. The number one reason there have been problems with the tankless units has been poor installation. After the unit has been taken down, it needs to be installed correctly and calibrated. Thus, you will need to see what works for you. Check your budget, requirements and then buy the water heater that works for your home. Ensure that you only hire the services of an appliance repair expert in Guelph.