Stove Repair

Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you didn’t have a stove in your kitchen and had no way to cook a warm meal every day, like most of us do right now? While it is extremely difficult to conceive of this, we never give it a second thought. It’s only when our stoves malfunction, or quit working altogether, that we stop taking them for granted, and quit assuming that we can cook that nice dinner we promised our family.

It’s a safe bet that every occupied apartment, condo, or other type of home is equipped with a stove. Regardless of the brand name, make, or model, it’s easy to see how you can become dependent on this appliance. So whenever you experience problems with this appliance at your residence, just pick up the phone and call repair service.

Electric vs. Gas

There are two types of stoves that you typically find in homes today – electric or gas (natural gas or propane) – and our repair technicians can install, maintain, or repair either type. If you’re curious about the life expectancy of either, they break down in the following manner:

  • Electric stoves have a life expectancy ranging from 13 to 20 years with the average between 15 and 16 years.
  • Gas stoves have a life expectancy that ranges from 15 to 23 years with an average of about 19 years.

While these figures are based on industry averages and estimates, ensuring that your stove is properly maintained could extend their lifespan even further. An maintenance service, a customizable preventative maintenance, and stove repair plan, can be tailored to fit the specific needs of every person living in your Ajax, Guelph or Thornhill home. Not only will one of these plans extend the lifespan of your stove or any other home appliance, it will ensure maximum operation efficiency. This will help you save money on repair and potential replacement costs, as well as your monthly utility bills.

Know the Warning Signs

As with any other appliance in your home, you stove is not immune to years of wear and tear. This will eventually cause problems that only professional technicians specializing in stove repair can fix. If there is a burner that won’t ignite or it creates too much heat, regardless of the temperature setting, you should contact us. If the heating elements on your electric range aren’t working, that’s another problem that we can easily solve. The bottom line is that repair service is your one-stop-shop for repairs in Ajax, Guelph and Thornhill.