Washer Repair

Most Guelph residents today are able to enjoy the convenience that a washer and dryer provide. You can wash and dry huge piles of clothes quickly and efficiently without a lot of effort. Yet we tend to take these fabulous appliances for granted – until they quit working properly or stop working completely. Needless to say, when this happens, it can disrupt an entire household and create an extremely stressful situation. Ironically, this could have easily been avoided with a combination of home maintenance tips, and a washer repair preventative maintenance plan from repair service.

Home Maintenance Tips

Whether you live in Ajax or any of the other surrounding communities, there are certain types of preventative maintenance that you can do at home. These helpful tips could easily save you money on washer repair or replacement costs over time:

Clean the inside of the machine once monthly – Detergent residue accumulates over time and causes washing machines to emit an obnoxious odor. The easiest way that you can prevent this from happening is by cleaning the inside of your washer no less than once monthly. The right cleaner will ensure the removal of any residue.

Ensure that the machine sits level – A washer that is out of balance will rock back and forth, making a great deal of noise in the process. There are usually two adjustable legs situated on the front corners of the machine. You can easily level your washer with these. The closer the machine sits to the floor, the less noise it will make.

Inspect your washer’s cold and hot fill hoses once every quarter – Over time, these hoses have the tendency to blister or crack. If the damage gets severe enough, the hose could start leaking or potentially burst. A little bit of caution could save you a great deal of costly flooding damage.

Never overload your washing machine – Your owner’s manual explains the maximum amount of items (or loading size) that can be put in your washer. Overloading throws the appliance out of balance, which can lead to a number of other problems. From extra pressure on the motor to the drum belt, everything will endure higher wear and tear.

Use the proper amount of detergent – Refer to your owner’s manual regarding the proper amount of detergent to put in your washer – not what it says on the detergent container. Thornhill residents, with soft water, will need to adjust the level of detergent down even more. Too many suds could mean the rinse cycle is not removing all of it.

The combination of these helpful maintenance tips will help. However, a customizable maintenance plan from our company will help you prevent up to 90% of all washer repair costs, and potential replacement.