Garbage Disposal Repair and Service Specialists

Our garbage disposals are small in size yet functionally convenient. It processes food waste, thereby preventing it from getting into our landfills, where it creates greenhouse gases as it decomposes. For those homeowners in Thornhill that have sewer access, the food waste travels through the system, where it eventually ends up in a wastewater treatment plant. As solid organic matter, it is easily converted into fertilizer for our flower beds and gardens.

Basically, you could say that our garbage disposals are eco-friendly based on the above information. Though we may not think about our disposals in such fashion, we do enjoy the convenience they provide in our kitchens. So when this small kitchen appliance breaks down or malfunctions, you can contact repair service for garbage disposal repair services. As well, we repair a wide range of other household appliances.

Batch Feed or Continuous Feed

Our technicians have been factory trained and certified in all facets of appliance repair including garbage disposals. Before calling us out to your home to repair yours, we’ll need to know what type of garbage disposal you have in your home. There are two types as follows:

Batch feed disposals – will only activate if the disposal is covered and the lid is in place. Although they require a slightly longer set-up time, the batch feed disposal is ideal for homes in Thornhill with children; preferring additional safety measures.

Continuous feed disposals – operate by virtue of an accessory or wall switch; food is contained in the disposal by virtue of a rubber baffle or shield which enables the device to run quieter.

In either case, the repair service technicians are familiar with all makes and models of garbage disposals and can have yours up and running quickly. They are certified and licensed to work on all appliances as needed.

Signs that Indicate the Need for Repair

When you consider the vital role that a garbage disposal plays in the operation of your Thornhill kitchen, it makes sense that you would want to take care, and extend the lifespan of it. Unfortunately, most of us take this powerful small appliance for granted and neglect caring for it in proper fashion – until it stops working. We have listed certain issues below that oftentimes plague our garbage disposals:

  • appliance is leaking in one or more areas
  • device is making excessive noise
  • disposal is jammed
  • drain is clogged
  • no power getting to the appliance

If you notice any of these warning signs, it may be an issue that requires our assistance. DIY repair is not recommended for this particular appliance because of the potential hazards that exist.