Dryer Repair

Today’s dryers provide a great deal of convenience by drying our clothing, linens, and other items quickly and efficiently. They save an incredible amount of time when you consider that the days of hanging your items out to dry on a line are almost non-existent. Consequently, most homeowners and renters in Ajax, Guelph and Thornhill and the surrounding areas, either have washer-dryer combos or access to them. Needless to say, we have become dependent on these efficient, time-saving devices and want them to work all the time.

Unfortunately, all of us have the tendency to take our dryers for granted. So whenever they malfunction or completely break down and quit working, it can be extremely frustrating for the entire household. Fortunately, the repair experts are available around the clock; whenever you are in need of dryer repair services in Ontario. Whenever problems occur, the lack of efficient operation can become very costly, especially on your monthly utility bills.

Electric or Gas

There are two types of dryers that the technicians at repair service are familiar with, where installation, maintenance and repair are concerned – namely electric or gas (either natural gas or propane). Here’s how they differ:

  • Electric dryers – cost less initially, installation is cost-effective and easier, minimum exhaust requirements
  • Gas dryers – higher up-front cost, more cost-effective to operate, powered by natural gas or propane, special venting required

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our repair specialists are factory trained and certified in all facets of dryer repair; whether you live here in Ajax or any of the surrounding areas.

The Warning Signs

No matter which type of dryer you have in your Thornhill home, there are similar warning signs for each one. Our dryer repair technicians have the experience and expertise required to fix the following dryer issues:

  • dryer doesn’t produce heat or gets too hot
  • dryer doesn’t run
  • dryer drum doesn’t spin
  • dryer makes unusually loud, squeaking noises
  • dryer takes more than one cycle to dry your clothing and linens

If you’ve noticed one or a combination of these warning signs, you should contact us at your earliest convenience, to diagnose the problem and recommend a repair solution.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

These customizable plans can be tailored to meet the needs of your household and everyone living in it. There are a number of advantages to having one of these plans; the most significant of which is the savings involved. A preventative maintenance and dryer repair plan will ensure energy-efficient operation of your appliance. Over time, you will save money on repairs, replacement, and utility costs.