Tips On Ways To Clean The Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal

Yucky smells coming from your garbage disposal? If the answer is yes, then we have useful tips for making it smell clean and fresh. The first thing to know before cleaning is how a garbage disposal works. All the brands are basically made similarly. They have an upper hopper chamber and a lower hopper chamber. The debris of the food and water that drips from the upper hopper chamber is sent to the lower hopper and pushed within the drain.

Knowing there are not blades, knives or anything that will chop in your disposal is important. There is a flywheel or plate that has slits in it at the bottom of the upper hopper chamber. The cutter blades, really just impeller blades are connected to the top of the plate. The impeller blades mashes stuff up then pushes it into the slits of the plate.

This mashed up food that is pushed through the slits of the plate collects in the bottom portion. With the impeller teeth working properly and the force of gravity, the liquefied product that has collected simply drains out of the drain.If it cannot be broken into pieces or dissolved, you should never put it into your disposal. Items that clump together, potato peelings, large amounts of rice and fibrous products like celery or banana peels should not be thrown into a disposal.

Clean the Garbage Disposal

Follow these steps to clean odors out of your disposal:

Cold water

Run chilled water through the unit with it on.Use a lot of ice to push into the garbage disposal as quick as you can get the disposal to take the ice. All the debris that is stuck will freeze, chunk and fall off the impellers and through the holes of the plate. Once the last cube of ice has broken up continue to allow the water flow for another full minute.

Odor removal

For cleaning the odors, chop a lemon into tiny chunks and put it into the disposal. Be sure the lemon chunks are small so the blades are able to do their job to the tough lemon rinds.

You may still have smells after using the lemon, in this case use a drain clean solutions or product that safe and bio-degradable. Do not use harsh drain cleaners, which are caustic. This type of cleaner will cut the life of your disposal in half by corroding the guts of your unit. Thus, if the odor persists, call in the appliance repair service in Ajax to clean it professionally. They have their techniques to leave your garbage disposal completely clean and odor-free.