Appliance Repair Services

We understand how important your appliances are and the amount of comfort and convenience they provide in your everyday lives.

Unfortunately, most people tend to take them for granted and just assume that they will always work whenever a button is pushed or a knob is turned. However, all good things eventually come to an end and at some point in time, those fabulous machines quit functioning properly or stop working altogether. When that happens, our technicians are always available to provide them with the TLC that they deserve. These individuals are factory trained and certified and can repair any brand, make, or model of appliance.

Keep your home in working order

While it is oftentimes easy to forget just how much our appliances do for us, it becomes crystal clear whenever one of them breaks down or malfunctions. A problem appliance can create an onslaught of problems in your household. For example, the dishes can pile up quickly when the dishwasher breaks down, foods can spoil if the refrigerator isn’t keeping them cold, and you’ll have a mountain of laundry if the washing machine fails. All of these are unpleasant scenarios that you don’t want to have to contend with.

Installation, maintenance, and repairs play a significant role in the life of every appliance you own. Although each one of these has a different function or purpose and require a specific type of skill set, they have a common thread – it not only ensures the energy-efficient operation of each appliance, it extends their lifespan as well.

It’s all about the Services provided

While industry expertise and years of experience are two very important factors to take into consideration when selecting an appliance repair company, we feel that it’s the services they provide that separate them from their competitors.

Basic appliance repair list includes:

Clothes dryers – can you remember when your parents or grandparents used to hang their wet clothes out on a clothesline? That is how you would be drying your clothing if you didn’t have one of these appliances. The newer, more technologically advanced clothes dryers have a number of features and benefits that most consumers typically search for such as:

  • automatic sensors
  • energy efficient operation
  • quieter operating cycles
  • shortened drying times

Repairing these technologically advanced appliances is not a job for an inexperienced DIY’er.

Dishwashers – the thought of having to hand wash piles of dirty dishes after every meal is not very appealing to most people. Yet that is what you would be faced with if your dishwasher starts acting up or quits working. There are numerous issues that could keep this appliance from affording you the type of clean that you expect. So if you notice that your drinking glasses come out cloudy or your dishes aren’t 100% clean, there could be a problem that needs to be addressed. Why not call us to come out and inspect it so we can recommend the right solution.

Ovens / ranges – have you’ve noticed that some of the burner jets aren’t working? An igniter doesn’t seem to be functioning properly? The oven isn’t heating evenly? There are different issues that are responsible for these problems. Not to worry. The technicians at repair service are skilled at oven / range repairs. When this appliance breaks down, it’s very frustrating and inconvenient. Most importantly, those home-cooked meals are a great vehicle for bringing the entire family together. So when your oven / range combo breaks down, it detracts from that quality time together.

Refrigerators – without question, your refrigerator is the most important appliance in the home. So it’s imperative that you keep it operating properly. Considering that you use this appliance on a daily basis to keep foods cold, preserve ingredients, and store your leftovers, you want to have any problems that arise taken care of quickly and efficiently. Signs that indicate a problem exists include:

  • excessive noise when running
  • fridge is operating normally but it is “sweating”
  • frost is accumulating inside the freezer compartment
  • water leaking inside the fridge or onto the floor

Washing machines – most households today enjoy the convenience this appliance brings. But when it malfunctions or quits working and leaves you with piles of laundry, chaos usually ensues. Whenever you notice that your washer is not performing like it normally does, there may be a problem and you need to contact us to come inspect it. With a professional diagnosis, we can recommend the proper solution for a compact, front-loading, or top-loading washing machine.

Dependable Services

We understand how important your appliances are, especially for those of you with larger families. That is why we are committed to keeping your home comfortable and running as efficiently as possible. With a customized preventative maintenance plan, we can keep your appliances operating at peak performance and reduce the amount of energy you are using every month. Furthermore, our preventative maintenance plans will extend the life of your appliances and save you money on repairs and utility bills.