What To Do About Your Leaking Fridge

Something is usually very wrong, if your fridge has sprung a leak. Your first thought may be that it is not a big enough deal to call out an appliance repairman. You may be able to fix this yourself.

First Things First

That puddle of water in front of your fridge in the last few days is a problem. The first step is to see if you can determine where the leak has come from. You may also have noticed your fridge is working overtime too. Due to condensation, the coils on the back of the fridge have built up excess water causing that puddle. It could simply be the rubber seals not sealing as well. They are tired, worn and dry from use. This is a fairly easy fix, just wash the seals with warm, soapy water and put a light coating of lubricant, such as Vaseline along them. If that does not solve the problem, check the fridges gaskets and make sure the fridge is not tilted, even slightly forward.

The Drain Pan

If the fridge has a puddle inside it, this could also be a problem. There is a pan underneath your fridge, the drain pan. This pans purpose is to catch water condensation so there should not be excess water inside your fridge. If this pan has been damaged, cracked or slightly askew this could cause an irritating puddle. This pan can be easily replaced, if it is damaged.

The Leak Inside

Excess water inside the fridge could mean the fridges defrost drain is clogged or frozen shut. The defrost drain is how the condensation drips into the pan under the fridge. If the defrost drain is stopped up flushing warm water through the tube could be the quick fix you are looking for. If none of these do it yourself solutions have not worked so far, check your icemaker. The icemaker water line may have come loose. Replacing the water line might be your solution.

Time For Help

All of your hard work has not been the answer to your fridges leak. This might be the time to call an appliance repairman. Your fridges leak may be an indication of a bigger problem that an appliance repairman is better equipped to handle. If you suspect the leak is not just water but, refrigerant, (a toxic material), be sure to have an appliance repairman come to your aid. Refrigerant leaks pose definite health hazards to people.It is best that you do not try to do it all on your own, but call in the appliance repair service in Guelph.