Which Water Heater Is Better, Gas Or Electric?

Not every homeowner feels daring enough to replace the home’s hot water tank with a tankless water heater. Consequently, there are plenty of homeowners that have noted the clues sent out by their aging tanks. Those clues indicate that the clue-giving appliance is nearing the end of its lifetime.

Does it ever make sense to switch from a gas-fueled tank to one that relies on electricity? Would there be any logic to support a change in the reverse direction (electric to gas)? Study the following facts and see what sense or logic you can gather from this collected information.

Comparing the gas-fueled tanks to those that rely on electricity

The water’s temperature increases slowly if the tank’s contents get heated by electric resistance coils. When the same liquid (water) is in a gas-fueled appliance it heats up much faster. That is due to the presence of the heat from the burning fuel.

The tanks with the electric resistance coils cost more than those that rely on a burning fuel. A gas-fueled tank operates at a more efficient level than an electric one. In addition, it costs less to operate. In other words, it gives the homeowner a sound reason for expecting a lower utility bill.

There are ways to increase the efficiency of any tank (gas or electric). The water-filled appliance can be surrounded with some type of recognized insulation. Alternatively, an insulating blanket can be used to cover the tank’s sides.

A homeowner should study those facts if members of the household have noted any of the following:

  • Sounds coming from the old tank: These indicate the presence of sediment on the tank’s floor
  • Water found leaking from appliance that should be watertight
  • Liquid flowing from faucets has strange color or odor (or both)
  • Water’s temperature below what it should be, after it has been heated, but not to an acceptable level

Those are examples of the sorts of clues that come from aging tanks. A preponderance of clues indicates the need for a replacement. Today, the replacement does not have to be something that could eventually get viewed as outdated. It could be an efficient and reliable tankless water heater.

Unlike the traditional hot water tank, the tankless water heater heats on demand. Hence, family members do not have to compete with one another for a chance to catch a warm shower, before the tank’s contents have turned cold. The tankless water heater has been designed to meet each demand from the person that is ready to enjoy a shower. In addition, the tankless appliance does not take up much space. It does not reduce the amount of valuable space; yet it carries out a most-helpful function. If it does not heat properly, you can always hire an appliance repair service in Ajax and Thornhill.