How To Troubleshoot An Issue With Your Fridge’s Water Filter?

When it is working, a water filter allows a family to enjoy an added convenience. The family members have ready access to both a cold drink and to ice. Still, there are issues that can keep that filtering device from doing its job. Fortunately, each of those issues introduces a problem that can be solved by a troubleshooter.

Issue #1: Water dispensed much too slowly

This means that anyone that hopes to enjoy a cold drink must wait patiently while the refreshing liquid slowly enters the drinker’s cup. At the same time, this issued slows the rate at which ice gets produced. If lots of people want ice at the same time, not all of them will be supplied with the cubes that they desire.

This issue forces the appliance repair professional in Ajax to do some research. The problem could be caused by the type of water that has to be filtered. Is it hard water? That would indicate that a high concentration of minerals gets sent into the filtering device.

Those minerals can clog the system. They can cause other problems as well, such a film on the skin after taking a shower. All such problems disappear following installation of a system that can soften hard water.

Issue #2: Cloudy or bad tasting ice

Filtering should prevent creation of such cubes. In other words, cloudy or bad tasting ice indicates a problem with the filter. Normally, it signals the need to replace an old filter with a new one.

Let your family know how to use patience, once the new filtering device had been put in the fridge. All new filters tend to have traces of the material that helps with the filtering process. Allow the water to pass through the new device first and rinse out those unwanted traces. Then allow your family to enjoy the cold drinks and the available cubes.

Issue #3: You suspect that the time had come and gone for replacing the water filter

That job ought to be completed every 6 months. Yet the person that must shop for the replacement product must learn the make a model of the refrigerator. You can get that information by going to the manufacturer’s website.

After ordering the desired product, do not allow a repeat of this one issue. Instead, use your iPhone to set up what is called a calendar app. Have your calendar app remind you every 6 months that you need to order a new filter. Ideally, you have already taken the time to store the details that you collected earlier from the website of the company that manufactured your home’s refrigerator.