Where Should You Store Your Wines In Compressor or Thermoelectric Cooler?

When properly stored, wines age. So, a wine lover should store bottles of the aging beverage in a suitable environment. It should be a location with an invariable temperature and no ability to encourage formation of mold. A wine cooler meets both of those characteristics.

The two different cooling technologies used in wine coolers

Compressors use the vapor compression cycle. It removes the heat from the cabinet that holds the bottles. A condenser sends the removed heat into the environment. An evaporator takes excess heat out of the air and uses the cooler air to keep the bottled wines at the right temperature.

Each of the thermoelectric coolers has a rod in which two different metals have been fused together. An electric current gets passed through that same rod. In response to the electric current, one of the rod’s sides gets hot; the other side gets cold. The hot side acts like a heat sink. If there is any malfunction, call on an appliance repair service in Guelph.

Characteristics associated with each type of cooler

Coolers that utilize the compressor technology cost less to operate and also create a cooler environment. Coolers with the thermoelectric technology feature a quiet operation. Each of them is a freestanding unit, although it has a smaller capacity than a wine cooler that relies on compressor technology.

Match each cooler’s characteristics with your own preferences and the requirements for storage of the aging beverage

Think about the types of wines in your collection. Do they really need a colder environment? Maybe the temperature of a cabinet that gets cooled by thermoelectric technology would create the sort of environment that you need.

Are you someone that has great concerns about the environment? Would you feel uncomfortable about adding another appliance that can serve as a source of greenhouse gases? If that is the case, then you should prepare to invest in a thermoelectric model.

Do you have a limited budget? If you intend to buy the cheaper of the two types of coolers, then you must focus on the wine-storing appliances with the compressor technology. Those that use the thermoelectric technology not only cost more; in addition each of them is more expensive to operate. The rod that ensures utilization of thermoelectric technology has an ongoing operation, so that the home’s utility bill will increase.

Are you a collector? Do you intend to expand the size of your collection? If you answered yes to those two questions, then you should concentrate your attention on the coolers that rely on the compressor technology. Unlike the thermoelectric coolers, those do not have a limited capacity. Still, none of them can function as an attractive display cabinet, unless you intend to impress friends with the size of your collection.